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Currently the Master of Coin in Capital City thanks to him resurrecting Might. Zeno is tall, slender, hairless, and is always seen with a hangman's noose around his neck. Zeno appears to be in his mid 30's but acts like a teenager due to trauma from his untimely death at 17. Zeno lived as an undead Half-Elf for 20 years before some great magic rid him of his curse.

Early Life to Death[]

Zeno was born and raised in Paradise where he lived comfortably with his father. His father, Zino, was an executioner for most of his life and carried out most of the public executions for the city. Zeno loved to watch his father work and planned on take over for him when he became to old to pull the lever. Zeno would often play with his fathers collection of torture devices, execution tools, and his BDSM toys.

One night Zeno was playing in his fathers 'office' with some of his friends when he came across his favorite hangman's noose. Zino had used this one noose to hang hundreds of law breakers, but yet it had never broke or even frayed. Zeno loved to look at the indelible mark that the countless executions left and imagine him being old enough to use the nose himself. Zeno wanted to feel what it was like to stand where the no good lawbreakers would stand so he positioned himself in the noose and had his friends pretend to pull the lever. One friend however, did not plan to pretend. This one friend had a grudge against Zino for beheading his father with a guillotine and enacted his revenge right there. Town guards were tipped off about a possible murder at the house and when they arrived they found Zeno dangling from the rope. Zino was arrested for the murder of his son due to circumstantial evidence, and was promptly executed.