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Ulla was born to human parents who served as clerics in a village at the base of a volcano. She generally did not play well with others, preferring to spend time alone in the wilderness surrounding the volcano. Much like her parents, she was very religious, always going to prayer and assisting her parents at the temple.

Then everything changed when the volcano erupted and devestated her village. Ulla happened to be just far away enough to avoid immediate death, but her parents and village were wiped out. Even so, she did not emerge unscathed. The surrounding ash, fire, and constant heat put so much stress on her body she morphed into an elemental kineticist. The excruciating pain from the transformation and feelings of sorrow for her lost village destroyed her faith that there was a just god. Unhinged, she now focuses on learning to hone her newfound powers while searching for a cure.

Current Whereabouts:[]

Unit stumbled upon the backdoor boys adventuring group while they were on a quest to stop Piper. After initial tension and success, Unit opted to join the crew in hopes that they would discover a cure in their adventures. Her powers and sociopathic tendencies have quickly grown during the adventuring groups travels, despite their best efforst. Now she considers herself an unstoppable force of nature and dares anyone to stand in her way.

5 Year Plan[]

One day Ulla hopes to free herself from the madness that is being a kineticist, and settle down in the middle of nowhere. Constantly draining herself of lifeforce to inflict pain is hardly a sustainable lifestyle, but it is a potent one. Perhaps she can take from the world what the world took from her. While the going is good, Ulla plans to stay with the backdoor boys, explore the world, even the score, and try to find inner peace.