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Literally the same character from the road to El Dorado, except instead of a happy ending he is knocked into the whirlpool in the fight with Tzekel-Kan jaguar thing and gets transported to Oroth.


For those unfamiliar with the seminal 2000 Dreamworks classic: Tulio is a wily thief who hatches half baked schemes with is partner Miguel. Miguel and Tulio are small time thieves who are presented with the score of a lifetime in the form of a map to the fabled city of gold. Upon arriving in the city they are greeted by a local criminal named Chel. Chel helps them pass as gods whilst they play the tribal chief against its shaman in order to escape with as much gold as possible.

The shaman, Tzekel-Kan eventually catches on to their ruse and animates a giant stone jaguar to prove that he is the one true conduit to the gods. In my story this ends with Tulio being knocked into a whirlpool which turns out to be trans-dimensional, leading to his appearance in Oroth.

Skills and goals[]

Tulio was the brains of the operation with his previous partner. That's not saying much though because Miguel is not very bright. He prefers to solve problems by being quick or clever, but has limited skill with a blade (Who knew bad rolls could be good RP eh?).

As far as I can tell Tulio has been a thief all his life and has developed the skill set for it. In the movie he talks about wanting to retire after getting all of the gold back to Spain, but honestly it's difficult for me to see him leaving the life behind.

If he's not in it for one last score, then what is the endgame. Not that the character would have thought it through, I think its just to have a good time with his pals. Maybe settle down with the right gal or guy. In the movie he A) risks the integrity of his con for Chel and B) sacrifices a clean getaway for Miguel. To me that indicates he cares for people more than money deep down.