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Portrait of Might By Falso Decorum Circa:403

Might is one of the six heroes of Man. He was known for his high level magical abilities as well as creating many spells that are well known today such as fireball,black tentacles and time stop to name a few. After Leor's passing he withdrew from the Kings Court and died 10 years later in his tomb at the Kings tomb.


Might was born by a common prostitue in the ord world. Might grew up a poor desolite street urchin until his mother died. He then was taken in by a local wizard who promised him a wonderful life if he could survive some trials and tests. He did with ease and became the wizards apprentice and quickly his partner. After 13 years with the wizard he became Prince Leors personal mage and through his new found resources was able to create new spells that granted the Princes forces near unparalleled power when they invaded Oroth. In Oroth he began having many disagreements with the King. He eventually made a deal to leave servitude of the King but on the condition that he killed and imprisoned the body of Serinoth. Three years later abd the task complete he began building his tomb for 10 years and once completed, sealed himself and his personal guard inside.

Current Life[]

He was revived by unknown means in year 403. Shortly after his revival he claimed dominance over the Capitol and claimed himself King Might. He has building his own council diplomats and core services in order to be able to create a successful Kingdom on Oroth.