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Have you ever heard the story of Darth Plagueus the Wise? Its not a story the jedi would tell you. Jairod grew up a lowly commoner in braxton, with a special affiliation to the dead. Even though it alienated him, he always seemed to find the quiet of the morgue to be better company than roughhousing with the boyos. As he grew up, he learned in secret from his father that he was actually a spellcaster. Not just any spellcaster, but a necromancer. At the time, this was illegal, and he was trained in secret. Trips to the morgue became something of a game, and he became drunk with power. One night, after his father taught him how to raise the dead, he staged a murder suicide with one of the corpses to kill his father. Unfortunately for him (fortunately for everyone else), his rock solid alibi of being neck deep in a game of 3 person chess with dead people fell apart. He was arrested, tried, and hung. Luckily for him (and perhaps unluckily for everyone else), he became an undead. This enabled him to continue honing his craft, until eventually he became a powerful adversary to anyone who stood between him and his wicked goals.

Current Whereabouts[]

Jairod currently serves Might as a religious noble in the capitol city, leading of the church of Almighty. I'm told he is enjoying being alive and young again, no longer withering away as an undead.

5 Year Plan[]

Jairod is BACK BABY.

Step 1 - setup a cult in capitol city serving him and Might as gods.

Step 2 - spread the religion across the land.

Step 3 - kill and convert anyone who gets in the way

Step 4 - learn how to become immortal

Step 5 - live forever and become a feared name across the land