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Captain Rohan is the general of the Paradise Expansion Team(PET) and the leader of the city guard of Paradise(CGP). He is a controversial figure in Paradise, to the older generation he is a hero that stopped a major D.O.G raid that a lost breached the city. To many newcomers and the younger generation he is a man that is mad with power with a vendetta against races not in the Treaty of Deleret.


Rohan was one of the dragon's offspring coming off the third dragon festival. He inherited most of his father's genes being mostly human rather than dragon. He spent his childhood training inside the palace, from combat skills to social and political issues. Many believed that being the son of the dragon he would grow up to be a spoiled man that merely harmed the city. When word of these rumors reached Rohan he decided to revoke his nobility and gained rank and poer through his skills and abilities alone. To do this he joined the city guard as a lowly member of an outward patrol unit. He did this for two years gaining status for not only his excellent combat abilities but also his heart saving many who were in trouble risking his on life many times to do so.

Battle of Paradise[]

in the year 394 a D.O.G army marched on Paradise at with almost no warning and when the PET was out near the now Forest of Silence. The timing seemed uncanny and many now believe a traitor was among the ranks of Paradise. When the D.O.G was at their doorstep Rohan and all 120 of the city guards fought them off using an uncanny strategy of firing off siege weapons from inside the city out towards the impending army. This quelled many of the D.O.G's numbers allowing the guard to be able to successfully fend them off. Rohan battled them on the front lines killing on of the most feared commanders Morshin Blackiron and taking his fabled sword Svell. After this battle the city declared him the new Captain gaining the recognition he so desperately wanted.

Current goals[]

He is currently been seeking those who betrayed Paradise and conspired and/or still conspire to destroy his home city of Paradise. He was once careful about how he operated as he didnt people to catch on to him but since the removal of Paradise times Rohan is able to operate out in the open though many believe his views and goals have been recently skewed or completely changed all together.